Feed Your Mind

The importance of continued learning in life cannot be stressed enough. Research on health and nutrition is continually expanding our understanding of the human body, and keeping up to date with current discoveries is essential in ensuring you are making informed decisions. Additionally, since it is generally agreed upon that there is no one ideal diet or way of living to suit every body – we all need to have a bit of an understanding of what the options are so we can learn what works best for ourselves specifically. Yes, we are all similar, so there are some basic guidelines we can all follow to be heading the right direction. Eat mostly whole unrefined foods, choose a wide variety, drink water, and move your body every day. After that, the details start to get more nuanced person to person.

With knowledge comes power. The power to truly understand how your body works, what works for your body, and to course correct when prior misconceptions are debunked. I will endeavour to provide a nutritionist’s perspective on finding balance in the conflicting world of food and wellness, providing entertaining and educational articles on current concepts in the world of wellness. These posts will come up under both Nutrition and Lifestyle headings, and some of the most popular posts will be linked here for a quick access guide to what’s new and factually trending.

Everything worthwhile takes time, and patience, and practice.