Inspire Your Meals

Food is often a central focal point of our society. Most events are based around food: holidays, celebrations, commiserations, family time, alone time, rewards, achievements – we look forward to the specific foods that hold emotional significance or bring comfort. And there is nothing wrong with celebrating food. There are times when it is entirely appropriate to have your cake and eat it too. Life is, after all, about balance. Problems start to manifest when we are over celebrating food, or even abusing food.

We live in a world where marketing departments evaluate the “crave factor” of products and advertising campaigns. But every meal or snack should not be the most gluttonous, hedonistic, supersized treat that can be dreamed of.. You are not what you eat, but, what you eat does become part of you. And the marketing companies don’t actually have your best interests in mind health-wise.

Let’s take back the power. Every day, you get to define your own path and decide where you’re going to go and what you’re going to do. Today you can choose to neglect your body’s needs, or you can nourish and heal yourself. Treats may nourish our soul, or perhaps more aptly our Id, but real whole foods prepared with care are what nourish our body. I encourage you to join me in learning to listen to your body. Cravings are your body’s subtle ways of asking for what it needs – but without practice we can misunderstand these messages.

Forget what you were taught as a kid – play with your food! Try new things, follow your kitchen intuition, and have fun creating new flavours and textures and colourful plates. It’s not about perfection. It’s about finding balance one day at a time, by learning what your unique body craves – or hates. Together, let’s practice making choices that both nourish our body and reward our soul.

Without a tool box of nutritious and delicious recipes and ideas, it is all too easy to fall prey to the marketing messages when we get hungry and pressed for time.

Take a browse through my current recipes folder for some new tools for your nutrition tool box. I’ll be adding new flavours and ideas every week, so come back and visit and often as you like.