Upgrade Your Body

Your body is your temple. If you nurture it and care for it as you would your most prized possession, or your home, or your dearest loved one – it may stay strong and healthy and able for many many years to come. The epidemic state of disease in our modern day is exactly that – dis-ease. Our body struggles through every day because it is not being cared for properly, as we often succumbing to temptations or time limitations vs meeting our true needs.  If your car can only reach 50km/h, stops every hour for gas, and breaks down monthly – you don’t just give in and keep driving. You fix it! Or get a new one – but you can’t get a new body, so in this case maintenance is our only option. If keeping up with your kids, going for a hike, riding a bike or jogging are leaving you behind – it’s time to fix that. You can’t drive 50km/h on the highway of life, and until you get in shape and heal yourself you will always feel like you are struggling. This goes doubly for those of you who often get sick – that is your body telling you it is past time for repairs.

Let me help you get fitter, fuel smarter, and upgrade your body for the long haul. Now is the time to get to work on build a healthy body (and body image), and treat yourself with the care and consideration you deserve to age healthfully and happily for many years to come. It’s not about being a specific weight, or a specific pant size, or being able to fly the bird of paradise like the yogi at the front of class – though that last one can be a great goal to work towards one day achieving. It’s much more about feeling strong and healthy and comfortable in your own body, and about aging healthfully. Follow my Lifestyle posts, always accessible under the main menu heading, for updates on how to boost your performance and cultivate your healthiest body ever. From skin care to fitness, I’ll cover everything and anything you need to know about caring for your most prized possession – your health.